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Influencer Marketing Tools

Why struggle with your influencer career when there are tools that can help you? As the importance of influencers keeps rising in marketing, there are new means that can help influencers in their collaborations.

One of the many great things that came along with the digital era is technological advancements in every field. That’s why innovative minds worked on apps, programs, and platforms that can help influencers handle their partnerships with brands more efficiently. This should come as no surprise if you consider the following facts:

  • 63% of people trust influencer messages more than brand messages
  • The budget for influencer marketing is raising which means that there will be more work for influencers (65% of influencer marketing budgets will increase in 2020)
  • Influencer marketing is one of the most popular marketing approaches with 80% of marketers claiming that it is an effective marketing strategy

The power that influencers have is huge. Having useful tools for managing your influencer career and bringing new projects to you will only amplify your current efforts.

The success of influencers and their importance in marketing led to the regular emergence of new influencer marketing tools. If you browse through the web you can see that the options are numerous. However, not all tools are influencer-friendly. Many (if not most) of them are focused only on brands.

For that reason, we have dug deep and surfaced the best