Here are 9 Phoenix-based Black influencers you should follow on Instagram – AZCentral

Many Instagram users are looking to diversify their feeds and amplify the voices of Black people while Black Lives Matter protests take place across the country. As a result,  some Black social media influencers in Arizona are getting more recognition for their content.

One local Instagrammer who gained more than 200 new followers in the beginning of June is 29-year-old Aiesha Beasley, a Tucson native who moved to Phoenix last year.

Beasley, who partners with national and local businesses to promote their products, is passionate about taking photos and videos to post on Instagram and TikTok. Though it’s a hobby for now, she hopes someday to work in marketing or social media management.

“When I moved out here, I definitely saw there being so many white influencers. I didn’t know any Black influencers,” Beasley told The Arizona Republic. “There’s not a lot of diversity in Arizona as far as the influencer community.”

“There are more Black women in makeup out here but not (as many) in fashion or lifestyle,” she said.

Social media influencers include bloggers, photographers, personal trainers, real estate agents and others. They can earn a living or supplement their income by promoting brands in the content they post.

Here are nine notable Black influencers in metro Phoenix and why you should follow