Eight things that social media influencers can do to sell themselves better – Media Update

The world in which we know it has changed; people don’t want to engage with brands, they want to engage with people. They want brands to listen to them and they want to create personalised connections that go beyond a one-size-fits-all broadcast message.

Marketers have grown to understand influencer marketing very well and can be rightfully finicky when having to select influencers to work on a brand campaign. It’s pivotal for influencers to know this in order to package themselves in a way that is fitting to this criterion — or they could be wondering why they’re simply not getting noticed.

In this day and age, it takes more than just showcasing impressively large numbers of followers as a selling point. Influencers now find themselves in a space where they need to put in some serious thought into what it is that they’re influencing and truly understanding their niche, packaging of tasteful content and what the stats behind every post and campaign actually mean.

The more influencer marketing grows, the higher the expectations are for influencers as content creators. Previously, influencers could get away with just posting, trending a topic and moving on the next campaign. 

But nowadays, a trending topic needs to come with greater analytics in order to track success on a campaign, and that’s an area that influencers need to examine with a fine-tooth comb.

Here are eight things that influencers need to do in order to package themselves better for future marketing campaigns: