6 Top Social Media Influencers Changing the Social Media Game – The Marketing Folks

Dylan DeGennaro and Zhi Ko

Social Media has, in so many ways, become the center hub of the things we do. It has moved from being just our source of information to many other things like market, workplace, etc. With Instagram ranking up over 1 billion users every month, we have chosen 5 of their influencers who have helped pull much traffic. As influencers, they use their social power to advance the platform, themselves, and other topics such as their sponsors, locations, pets, food, etc.

Dylan DeGennaro

Dylan DeGennaro
Dylan DeGennaro

Dylan DeGennaro hailed from the city of Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America. At just the age of 20, he already has 7 million followers to his name. With five promotion accounts, he has been able to express his influence by creating the right content, such as motivational talks, rap music, etc. He is quite an ambitious social media influencer who is looking to transform his @rapmusic Instagram handle into a media company. His handle @rapmusic already has 3.4 million followers.

Zhi Ko

Zhi Ko is the man behind NekozTek, a successful social, gaming, and Fintech influencer brand that’s always growing. While gaming is his passion,