YouTube Influencer Couple Resumes Posting Videos After ‘Rehoming’ Autistic Son – Oxygen

A few weeks after a YouTube influencer couple announced they were “rehoming” their adopted son and sparked widespread outrage, one of the parents has resumed posting monetized videos to his YouTube channel. 

James and Myka Stauffer revealed in a public YouTube video in late May that they had placed their adopted son, Huxley, with another family — citing behavioral issues with the boy, who has autism. The video has since been made private after it prompted widespread condemnation.

Huxley — who the couple adopted from China — was a prominent feature on their YouTube channel for years, with Myka positioning herself as an international adoption advocate, which furthered the backlash against the couple for “rehoming” the young boy.

The announcement also prompted the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department to launch an investigation into Huxley’s well-being. The department later said they “are confident that the appropriate process is occurring” and the boy “is not missing,” according to BuzzFeed.

The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office did not immediately respond to a request for comment from on the current status of the investigation.

Less than a month after the announcement, James Stauffer has uploaded a new monetized video to his car-detailing focused YouTube channel, BuzzFeed News reported. Myka Stauffer’s personal channel and The Stauffer Life family account (which is apparently defunct) have remained