Huntsville man police called an ANTIFA social influencer denies chief’s claims –

Benjamin Shapiro, a 39-year-old father, husband and writer, was home with his family on Thursday night when he started receiving messages from friends. They told him that the chief of police had just displayed screenshots from his Facebook page at the Huntsville City Council meeting.

Chief Mark McMurray, while explaining the use of tear gas on Huntsville protesters, labeled Shapiro an “ANTIFA sympathizer” and “social media influencer” and said the man was “associated with multiple groups organizing demonstrations/protest.”

Benjamin Shapiro

This image shows a slide used by Huntsville police Chief Mark McMurray in a presentation to the City Council on Thursday, June 19, 2020. The man shown in the photo is Benjamin Shapiro, a 39-year-old father, husband and writer from Huntsville. The photo was posted to Facebook in December of 2016.

But Shapiro told those things weren’t true. He said he’s not an anarchist nor an antifa sympathizer. He said he hasn’t attended local protests, nor has he called for violence.

“They’re defaming my character with absolutely no evidence in a live stream city council meeting with the vaguest attempt at hiding my identity but telling everybody what city I live in,” Shapiro told

Huntsville police had edited the photos to black out a portion of Shapiro’s face but that didn’t do enough to make him unidentifiable.