Influencer Ads Excluded From Facebook’s New Tool Allowing Users to ‘Turn Off’ Political Ads, Company Says – Morning Consult

Facebook Inc., which has historically been hesitant to take a hands-on approach to moderate political advertisements, is rolling out the ability for users to “turn off” paid political advertisements so they’re no longer visible on both the main platform and Instagram feeds ahead of the 2020 general election. But political groups and candidates looking to reach those who opt out of such messaging could have another viable outlet: social media influencers.

A Facebook spokesman confirmed to Morning Consult that branded content, where a platform’s user is hired by a company or another outside party to advertise one of their products, will not be included in the new tool unless an influencer decides to pay to promote it across the platform like a traditional online advertisement.

“If political branded content is boosted as an ad, it is then subject to our advertising policies and included in our public, searchable Ad Library for seven years,” the spokesman said in an email. “In this case, it will be turned off if someone uses the preference.”

The company also said that creators are required to disclose their paid partnerships through its new branded content tool, which places a clear label in the subhead of the post disclosing the sponsor relationship, and that Facebook has new tools to “make it possible to see what branded content campaigns are running all in one place.”

“This is a new space so we’ll keep looking at our approach here to make sure it’s the right one,” the spokesman