Utilizing Brand Relationships And Influencers, Three Small Town Kids Developed A New Social Media Style Platform – Forbes

In 2020 the creative business has morphed into a modified path forward. For example most people are in agreement with how they view real estate as an investment. It’s as simple as buying a house or piece of land to rent for cash flow or sell for profit. In the age of social media and style influence, digital real estate works similarly.

From domain names to Instagram handles, even the followers you accumulate on your social media, the entire online footprint is considered a form of real estate. In short, digital real estate is a tangible asset you can buy and sell the same way you would buy a house, apartment or a piece of land.

The future wave of doing business is upon us more rapidly than ever. The acceleration of technological advancements seem to be dictating the methods humans use to interact with one another and how we assimilate that information for business. It is already a lucrative business with influencers and companies generating millions of dollars in revenue on a daily basis. It provides both companies and individuals the chance to build a platform, be heard, and above all, earn money on the internet.