An influencer has apologized for her Nazi past. Here’s how the situation unfolded. – Insider – INSIDER

  • Influencer Lucy Molloy has removed her Instagram page of nearly 200,000 followers after her old social media posts resurfaced.
  • Screenshots of the posts emerged where she talked about being a Nazi, wearing Nazi clothes, and made racist comments.
  • Molloy issued an apology claiming she was not racist and the posts were made when she was a lot younger.
  • However, she later posted another statement, claiming a wave of Nazism had gone through her hometown when she was growing up, which she’d gotten swept up in.
  • Molloy’s husband Dan Molloy was also affected and stepped down from his job as a tattoo artist.
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Influencer Lucy Molloy, who is known for her tattoos, has apologized for her Nazi past and removed her Instagram page that had almost 200,000 followers.

Molloy issued a statement when some of her old social media posts resurfaced, claiming she was not racist and she was very young at the time. She later blamed a “wave of Nazi ideology” that she got swept up in.

“PAY ATTENTION TO WHO YOU FOLLOW!!!” said a Twitter user called Abi who shared screenshots of Molloy’s Facebook page. “[Molloy] is hiding and deleting comments about her racist past and refusing discussion by turning off comments on her apology. I’ve been blocked for calling it out so I though twitter might be able to do something.”

According to the screenshots, in one status from 2011, Molloy