Influencers are doing blackface to ‘show solidarity’ with BLM – Dazed

‘I wish I was black, today more than ever,’ says one

It’s been two weeks since demonstrators first took to the streets in the biggest global protests against police brutality and systemic racism in a generation. Sparked by the murder of George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer on May 25, the protests have begun to make real-world change: racist statues have been removedor toppled – in the UK; cities in the US have pledged to defund the police; and companies are finally addressing their problems with diversity.

One group seemingly still clueless about how to support Black Lives Matter is influencers. First, they were posing at protests for clout, and now they’re doing blackface to ‘show solidarity’ with the movement.

In an Instagram post, satirist and socio-political activist Saint Hoax shared screenshots of influencers who had painted their skin Black, along with a brief history of blackface. They wrote: “How can you ‘spread awareness’ about a subject you know so little about? If you genuinely care about a cause, the least you can do is educate yourself about it.”

They continued: “It’s infuriating that we still need to educate people about the racist and painful history of blackface. We shouldn’t be having this conversation in 2020.”