Grace Victory: How to Support Black Creatives in the Influencer Marketing Industry – – Talking Influence

In light of the Black Lives Matter movement that is currently gripping the globe, we wanted to hear directly from creators about what it is like working in the industry so we can better understand what is needed to support Black creatives and help create change.

Grace Victory is a presenter and fashion, beauty and mental health influencer, and is part of Gleam Future’s roster of talent.

We had an open discussion with Victory to find out more about the challenges she faces, what talent management and agencies can do to support Black creatives, and what she wants to see from brands.

Many brands have posted support of Black Lives Matter. What do you think of brands’ responses so far?

There are some brands that have really got it right and then there are a lot of brands that are really showing their performatism and inauthenticity. I have seen black squares on all white IG feeds and its laughable, offensive, and far removed. I’m not surprised but it adds to the frustration and pain a lot of the time.

Give us an example of an on-going challenge you face in the influencer industry as a black creator?

A big one is the pay gap, which is something I’ve experienced for many years. Myself and other black creators are getting paid significantly lower than our white counterparts – if we even get paid at