How Influencer Marketing On Social Media Has Changed During The Pandemic – Forbes

Two words have defined the social media generation in recent years — influencer marketing. It’s both a topic of some derision (a recent example from the protests includes someone doing a selfie in front of a dilapidated building) and incredible success.

I recently caught up with an influencer named Elma Beganovich, one half of the influencer marketing team of sisters Amra & Elma, to ask about how the influencer marketing field has changed, ideas for how anyone can become an influencer, and life during the lockdown.

How has the influencer market changed amid the outbreak?

Influencer marketing has changed in several ways during the outbreak. Firstly, influencers have had to shift gears in terms of their content creation and focus on the stay at home economy — so what do influencers see around their homes, from activities to hobbies, that their followers can relate to at this very moment. Secondly, the pricing of influencers has dropped from 30% to 40% even though there has been a surge in online viewership. Viewership has doubled for Instagram Live and Facebook Live. Hence, it is a perfect time to take