Directory Q&A: The Influencer Marketing Factory – – Talking Influence

There are many influencer marketing agencies, tech platforms, analytics and SaaS, which is why we have created the Influencer Marketing Directory. We sat down with one of the featured influencer marketing agencies, The Influencer Marketing Factory, to find how they could help you get in front of Gen Z and Millennials.

What sets your agency apart from the rest?

We are a 100% remote influencer marketing agency, always in the loop of the latest trends and most interesting social media and lean. On the contrary of many other agencies that are still applying an “old-school” structure with slow processes. We decided to be different from day one and show that a new way to build an agency business model is possible.

Choosing the right influencer is a challenge many still face but it is vital to the success of a campaign. What’s your influencer selection process?

We have different ways to find influencers. Sometimes we propose our own talents if we think they can be a good fit for the client. If not, we use both tools and databases for an initial first screening and we also get in touch with our talent agency partners around the world. After this first filter of potential influencers based on data, we then proceed with a manual check of the influencer’s content, tone of voice, previous collaboration and sponsorships. Lastly, we send out