Fans to celebs, influencers: support Black Lives Matter or don’t post – Insider – INSIDER

  • As protests over the killing of George Floyd in police custody erupted in nearly every major US city, the online response to Floyd’s death included influencers promoting bail funds, petitions, and more.
  • Across different influencer niches, including YouTubers and TikTokers, celebrities, and lifestyle accounts, fans urged influencers to either promote Black Lives Matter or stop posting.
  • When influencers posted self-promotion or “off-topic” posts before making statements, the backlash was swift. When influencers posted statements that weren’t deemed sufficient, many apologized.
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On Instagram, every imaginable niche has its own influencers. Now, as protests over the killing of George Floyd roil the US, followers are demanding that influencers of all stripes with large platforms acknowledge the political climate. That includes people who like to shop at the grocery chain Trader Joe’s.

Natasha Fischer has built up an audience of more than 1.1 million followers for “@traderjoeslist” by shopping at Trader Joe’s, taking pictures of items there, and posting about them on Instagram. This weekend, Fischer received “thousands of comments” from her angry fanbase over her treatment of the protests on her account.

First, she was criticized for failing to post anything supporting Black Lives Matter. Fischer then posted “links directing individuals to resources if they wanted to learn more or make an impact.” She tagged the post “#AllLivesMatter,” a common rebuke to “Black Lives Matter” which usually comes from a misunderstanding of the goals of the movement or an