29-year-old Social Media Influencer Adopts Unconventional Ways to Fight for Gender Equity – America Daily Post

Milad ghasemi khah, otherwise known as “sara puli” has grown to become one of the most sought-after social media celebrities. More than just a content creator that posts comedic videos on Instagram and other online platforms, Milad is known to be a strong feminist that uses every means possible to advocate for the rights of women. Milad’s approach to fighting for equal rights is particularly unique, speaking up for women in a funny way and showing the equality between men and women. 

Social media influencing has come of age, with the concept witnessing tremendous popularity and acceptance in recent times. Consequently, brands across the globe tend to leverage the huge following of social media celebrities to put their products and services in the faces of their target audience. One individual that is however redefining online influencing is the popular Instagram star and very famous social media influencer, Milad ghasemi khah pargam.

Milad currently has more than 4 million followers on Instagram and is famous for improvisation satire and spontaneously making subjects in a manner that almost all of the humorous contents are created during the program. The Iranian stand-up comedian and presenter has used this technique to create impactful videos, famously supporting feminism. 

While several organizations as well as well-meaning individuals have spoken up for the rights of women, the approach taken by Milad ghasemi khah pargam is seemingly unprecedented. The use of