Traackr moves to demystify influencer marketing spend – PRWeek

SAN FRANCISCO: Data-based influencer-marketing platform Traackr has released budget optimization tools for marketers running influencer campaigns. 

Influencer marketing is set to have an estimated spend of $15 billion per year by 2022. However, the practice does create challenges in accurately measuring attribution and ROI and estimating the value of individual influencers. Those challenges are particularly acute in an environment creating pressure on marketers and PR professionals to track spend and measure impact.

Traackr’s new tool-set allows the tracking of metrics, not just for individual campaigns, but across all influencer initiatives, creating transparency into the highest-performing strategies and the relationship between influencer incentive and business outcome.

A budget calculator will provide automatic recommendations on an incentive level, based on past performance. Marketers will be able to track spend across time, markets, brands, campaigns and influencers. ROI reporting will help to guide future investment plans, the firm said. The tools also include a global payment solution with multi-currency support.

“At a time when all marketers are seeking efficiencies in their marketing dollars, influencer marketing needs to bring more discipline to the tracking and optimization of its spend,” said Pierre-Loïc Assayag, CEO and cofounder of Traackr, in a statement.