Instagram Wants Its Influencers to Make More Money – The New York Times

Instagram is beginning to roll out updates that will allow creators to make money directly on the platform, a change that could drastically alter the influencer moneymaking landscape.

The company announced several new features on Wednesday, including ads on IGTV videos, digital badges that fans can purchase through Instagram Live, merchandise sales through Instagram Shopping and an expansion of Brand Collabs Manager, which facilitates sponsored campaigns between companies and creators.

These updates are in addition to the expanded Instagram Live shopping features announced last week.

Influencers are an asset to social platforms. They drive engagement, but platforms that hope to retain top creators must help them do one thing well: make money. Influencing is a career, after all, and if creators aren’t getting paid, they will eventually stop showing up for work.

Until now, Instagram has taken a relatively hands-off role in monetization. Influencers are free to negotiate their own brand deals, provided they don’t violate the platform’s terms of service.

But Instagram doesn’t pay creators directly or give them a percentage of sales achieved through the platform’s shopping feature, for instance. Influencers generally receive checks from brands that team up with them, rather than