Are Moroccans Following the Wrong Social Media Influencers? – Morocco World News

Larache – A large number of Moroccan social media influencers have succeeded at influencing their society in their own unique ways. Some have chosen to capitalize on fun to cheer up their fellow citizens, whereas others have chosen to raise awareness of critical issues, such as health and education. Yet do celebrities inspire real and positive change?

It is well worth asking: Are Moroccan influencers bad for our society? Possibly. For instance, in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, have they played a crucial role in sensitizing people to the risks of falling sick or dying of the virus?

For their part, many teenagers are confused and do not know whether or not to believe the optimism and cheerfulness influencers always show on Instagram and YouTube. “Is it fake?” some ask. Are we comparing ourselves with an unreal image?

Adolescents have erroneously begun to compare their own lives with that of model influencers, unhealthy comparisons that can be a harsh blow to their mental health. Seeing the beautified images of influencers, young people may experience anxiety and chronic stress. Are parents aware of the negative effects of following influencers?

So long as social media is part of our lives, particularly during the lockdown, we are easily