Is Bhakt Culture Invading The Fandom Of Social Media Influencers? – ScoopWhoop

Recently, a feud erupted between the worlds of TikTok and YouTube, and it went straight to the top of the numbers. It started with a TikTok influencer called Amir Siddiqui putting out a video finding fault with YouTube, claiming the people on there steal content, among other offenses. He tagged the Indian YouTuber Carryminati in this video, as well as others.

In response, Carryminati posted a video roasting Amir, which went viral and became India’s most watched video. However, the video was later taken down by YouTube for violating its terms of service.

Since the video was mostly an attack on Amir specifically, YouTube flagged it as harassment. This really set of the fans, who started the #JusticeForCarry trend blasting the decision to take the video down. 

The hate started flowing, with many fans using extremely problematic language to lambast TikTok and Amir. 

Amir then put out another video apologising for his earlier statements, and issuing a clarification.  

He claimed that his real intention was to