Influencer Marketing Experts Discuss How To Use Social Media In The Post Pandemic World: Part 1 – Forbes

All good things come to an end, and hopefully the same holds true for bad things as well. Whether it is in the coming weeks, next year or the hard-to-think-about four to five years that World Health Organization scientists have predicted, the fact is that the COVID-19 pandemic will end.

What we do know is that the post-pandemic world could be very different, with handshakes and hugs being far less common, but the way people react to brands will evolve. Social media influencers have survived – and in some rare cases thrived – in the age of social distancing. As the world settles into a new normal what will the role of influencers be?

In part one of a three part series on post-pandemic social media marketing, a number of experts were asked about the role that social media influencers could play in the coming