Why Brands Seek Micro Fashion Influencer Power To Keep Afloat During Covid-19 – Forbes

At this point in time, the power of the fashion influencer is a vital form of brand marketing. Moreover, it accounts for 86 percent of the total earned media value for the top 30 fashion brands​. Relationships that began as paid posts have now developed into multifaceted long-term partnerships—where the influencer is now the product collaborator. This past year alone, digital marketing strategists proved that accounts considered ‘micro’ were as profitable for fashion as the macro relationships. The reason being is that they standardly connect on a personal level with their fanbase, making their interactions more personable since they are perceived as popular peers. With an average of 85% higher engagement rate, it’s no wonder why influencers like Christian Garcia have cornered the market of fashion just by remaining active on social media.

Known for his positive personality as well as the use of colorful backgrounds, Christian has amassed 600,000+ followers on Instagram. This has allowed him to become the place for his friends to keep up with his fashion and beauty brand partnerships. His page even boasts the #ads and celebrity shout-outs from artists such as Megan Trainor and Bhad Bhabie.