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Influencer marketing is an area of digital marketing that has seen significant growth in the past 5 years and is now a staple in a lot of brand’s marketing strategies. 

According to AspireIQ’s 2019 State of Influencer Marketing report, online searches for influencer marketing have risen 90 fold over the past five years. A trend that is clear to see when carrying out a quick search in Google Trends.

But what actually is this growing medium?

What is influencer marketing?

There’s no set definition for influencer marketing as it can vary massively depending on a number of factors. Ultimately, influencer marketing involves the endorsement of a product or services by a celebrity, industry expert, or even a group of peers. If an individual is able to influence others opinions or decision to purchase they can be considered an influencer.

As a result, influencers come in all shapes and sizes depending on the distinct niche they associate themselves with. 

Different types of influencers

Influencers are typically separated into three distinct categories depending on their following; mega, macro, and micro. 

Mega influencers

The easiest way to define a mega influencer is a celebrity – think Kardashians, Cristiano Ronaldo, anyone with millions (if not hundreds of millions) of followers. Mega influencers can charge the big bucks with a