Pictures of messages on bananas popped up on social media last month. Here’s why – PRWeek

Campaign: Silver Lining Selfies for National Banana Day
Company: Dole Food Company
Agency partners: Padilla (digital, social media), Rocket Science Media Group (PR), BSM Media (influencer marketing) 
Duration: April 8–15, 2020

Pictures of bananas with happy messages inscribed on them started appearing on social media last month.

No, people hadn’t gone bananas.

They were taking part in Dole Food Company’s National Banana Day campaign, in which the brand asked people to share a silver lining they found while staying at home amid the coronavirus pandemic.  

Starting in mid-March, the spread of COVID-19 brought daily life in the U.S. to a halt. Leading up to National Banana Day, which fell on April 15, “much of the news was understandably virus focused,” said Rachel Young, Dole Food Company’s manager of digital media and communications. Across the country, Americans were being asked to stay home in order to stop the spread of the disease. 

“We thought there was another more emotional component about being confined to home that wasn’t being addressed,” Young said. She noticed people were sharing silver linings online and wondered, “Why not ask America to tell us theirs?”

With that, the idea for the campaign was born.

Planning began at the end of March. Dole’s communications team worked with Padilla, Rocket Science Media Group and BSM Media on the campaign.

The campaign launched on April 8, a week before National Banana Day. Dole asked its network of 44 influencer partners to write their silver linings on a banana and share the photo on social media, passing on the challenge to