Without travel, is there room for influencer marketing? – Hospitality Net

The Covid-19 crisis has not only brought the physical act of traveling to a halt, but it’s also stopped travel brands from distributing marketing dollars in the same ways they did prior to the pandemic.


One such channel feeling the effects is influencer marketing, in which many travel brands have decided to pull or delay campaigns – as a cost-cutting measure as well as due to the lack of travel – until movement picks back up.

However (and somewhat ironically), while consumers are stuck at home, engagement via social media has increased, with more than 73% of influencers and brands seeing double their normal engagement rates, according to influencer marketing agency Travel Mindset.

But without travel, does putting money toward the influencer market now make sense? Jade Broadus, Travel Mindset vice president and creative director, says yes.

“My biggest hesitation for brands is that they don’t have some type of communication right now,” Broadus says.

“Influencers can have a really, really positive effect and really help the local communities that people would potentially be going to.”