Why Micro-Influencers Are Seeing Big Growth During Lockdown – – Talking Influence

Whether it’s Madonna lounging in a rose-filled bathtub claiming ‘Coronavirus is great equaliser’ or Sam Smith’s quarantine breakdown that was posted from a £12 million luxury mansion – not all celebrities have exactly covered themselves in glory during these dark days.

And some parts of the creator community have got it seriously wrong too. Licking toilet seats for the #CoronavirusChallenge may get you likes but it won’t gain you respect, nor pay your bills. Risking your health at a time when NHS workers are putting their lives on the line daily gives the entire influencer industry a vacuous name. Being a public figure – as influencers are – means you have a responsibility. For many people, you’re more than someone on a screen – you’re a both virtual best friend and someone similar to look up to.

The surge in popularity for smaller creators 

While these uncertain times continue, audiences are desperately looking for people they can connect with, relate to and rely on – and that’s why we’re seeing a big popularity surge for smaller creators across the industry. 

Don’t get me wrong, the big names still have a part to play but consumers aren’t daft. They know top influencers on six- or even seven-figure salaries are insulated from what’s going on. They won’t be furloughed, haven’t seen their job disappear and aren’t fretting each night about what the future holds.

Suddenly, preaching from your gleaming, #gifted