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Celebs and influencers are auctioning off their ~time~ for charity

Over the past week, I started to notice a bunch of #AllInChallenge promo posts cropping up on Instagram.

Big-name celebrities and influencers from across industries and social media platforms, like Kim Kardashian West, David Beckham, Shawn Mendes, Addison Rae, Sway House teens, and this doctor influencer, are getting involved. Famous rich people were also nominating each other left and right for the challenge. So I was like, All right I’m all in, but what are we all in for?? What is this #AllInChallenge?

Turns out the All In Challenge is an actual foundation created — extremely fast, I must say — by the founder of the sportswear company Fanatics, Michael Rubin, with funding from his friends, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists Alan Tisch and Gary Vaynerchuk. According to the website, it’s aiming to be the “world’s largest digital fundraiser in history” by trying to raise “tens of millions” for charities that address food scarcity due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Food insecurity is a mounting issue but never more important than during COVID-19,” the organization’s website said.

To do this, the foundation has launched this enormous campaign to have