Influencers Have Mastered #WFH: What Can We Learn From Them? – – Talking Influence

Across the globe, millions of people are adjusting to being at home 24/7 without the time constraints of commuting, social plans or travel. Never before have there been so many people at home all at once. Because this situation is completely unprecedented, there aren’t many sources that the newly remote workforce can turn to for guidance or inspiration. However, there is one group of extremely relevant content creators that may be being overlooked as leaders and experts in this category – social media influencers.

For many years, influencers have quietly been building the blueprint for how to run a business – and they’ve been doing it from home the whole time. For many of them, remote work is all they know, and they’ve mastered the art of building empires, making connections, and navigating difficult business decisions from their living rooms.

So, how are they so good at working from home? And what can we learn from them?

Re-think your chain of command

The ability to plan, shoot, edit and execute culturally relevant content for both your own brand and sponsored partners is challenging, but influencers never seem to let up. This is likely because most of them have the luxury of being a very lean team that drives efficiencies. Without the constant need to communicate up and down and wrestle with edits and reviews, they have a speed-to-market advantage that teams of all varieties can learn from.