How much Instagram influencers can earn livestreaming from brands – Business Insider

  • As interest in live video has spiked among at-home consumers in recent weeks, creators, marketers, and tech platforms are looking for new ways to make money from livestreaming.
  • Influencers can earn hundreds — or even thousands — of dollars by promoting a product or appearing in a brand’s livestream on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch.
  • Business Insider spoke to creators and marketers to learn more about how sponsored livestreaming works. 
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Many influencers have been leaning into the intimacy of Instagram Live — the social-media platform’s livestreaming feature — in recent weeks.

Now some of those creators are cashing in on the format, setting up deals with brands to promote products or appear in livestreams on a company’s account.

“A ton of people are going live right now,” said Elena Taber, a lifestyle influencer with 108,000 Instagram followers. “I’ve done it once or twice on my own channel, and then I teamed up with a company to do one on their platform as well.”

Taber appeared in a sponsored 30-minute Instagram Live for the fragrance brand Atelier Cologne in early April. The company asked her to share “Work from Home Tips” to its 135,000 followers as part of the brand’s live content slate during the week of April 6th. 

“They sent me a little PR package in advance, so I got to try out their cologne as well as one of their candles,” she