Boston’s 15 Most Influential Instagrammers Right Now – Boston magazine


Your feed has never looked so good.


Three local Instagram influencers who are shaking up the city’s food scene.

Instagram Handle: @eastcoastfeastcoast
Real Name: Lena Sternburg
Number of Followers: 166K
Reason to Follow Her: Doughnuts. Cookie sundaes. Onion rings stacked practically to the ceiling. Sternberg knows what Bostonians crave, and gives it to them.

Instagram Handle: @bostonfoodies
Real Name: Tiffany Lopinsky
Number of Followers: 154K
Reason to Follow Her: When it comes to social media, few Bostonians do it as well as Lopinsky, whose artfully staged shots make over-the-top brunch spreads and charcuterie boards from the area’s best restaurants look as good digitally as they taste IRL.

Instagram Handle: @nailthecocktail
Real Name: Claudiane Philippe
Number of Followers: 30.8K
Reason to Follow Her: Social media was made for multitaskers, and Philippe fits the mold like a glove. The former bartender and current healthcare consultant maintains several IG accounts dedicated to beauty, but also woos fans by capturing the city’s most photogenic libations. Keep her in your feed for some serious mixology #goals.


Three local Instagram influencers who are shaking up the city’s travel scene.

Instagram Handle: @the_essentialist_
Real Name: Joanna Adach
Number of Followers: 210K
Reason to Follow Her: Even during these challenging times, this prolific travel blogger continues to indulge our