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  • Abby Rao is a content creator and co-founder of the Clubhouse, a new TikTok collab house in Beverly Hills. 
  • RiceGum, whose given name is Bryan Le, is a YouTube and Twitch personality who originally made his name online through diss tracks, roasts, feuds, and “edgy” humor.   
  • Le and Rao’s yearlong relationship was featured heavily on the RiceGum and FamilyGum YouTube channels, until Le’s behavior on Twitch drove a wedge between the two. 
  • Since their breakup in mid-November, Rao says she has been living with daily online harassment by users who appear to be RiceGum fans. 
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Abby Rao — the popular Instagram model and TikToker — is ready to put her painful public breakup behind her. But that’s easier said than done, when your ex is Bryan Le: the embattled YouTube and Twitch personality known online as RiceGum. Six months after their split, Rao says she’s still getting spammed with comments and messages from Le’s hardcore fans on a daily basis. Their burn of choice? “Rice made you.” They’ve even got a hashtag going (#RiceMadeAbby) to underscore the point. 

“Imagine talking shit to the guy that made u famous,” one commenter wrote under one of Rao’s recent bikini pics. 

“Stop biting the hand that fed you,” another chimed in. 


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