Financial Influencers Gain Authority Amid Coronavirus – WWD

Social media wants to talk money.

Financial influencers are finding that their expertise is more in-demand than ever during the coronavirus. With social media consumption on the increase as users self-quarantine, fin-fluencers are experiencing as much as a fourfold surge in views. Search interest in the stimulus package, housing market and credit card debt has the Internet’s money gurus churning out extra content to meet their followers’ demands.

YouTuber Nate O’Brien typically sees a spike in subscribers in January, as users make financial New Year’s resolutions. That spike usually tapers off by spring, but this year, things have only picked up. In the past month, O’Brien gained about 30,000 new subscribers, bringing his overall count to nearly 500,000. Many of his viewers are seeking advice on how to invest during the coronavirus.

“A lot of people are thinking there’s probably some opportunity opening up because whenever we enter into a recession there are opportunities,” O’Brien said. Over the past week, he has uploaded three videos, all of which are investment-themed.

Marko of Whiteboard Finance, which has 340,000 YouTube subscribers, is fielding follower inquiries about real estate and the housing market.

“It’s more of a ‘How do I profit from this?’ kind of thing,” he said.

Brian Jung has noticed a 220 percent increase in viewership on his YouTube channel covering the credit card market. He currently has nearly 60,000 subscribers.

“People just want reassurance,