‘We really need to adapt if we want to survive’: Influencers and marketers break down how ad spending has changed and the future of ‘paused’ brand deals – Business Insider

  • Many advertisers have paused influencer marketing campaigns in recent weeks to save on costs, retool messaging, and make adjustments to sponsored content that previously required travel or on-site production.
  • Some brands are also paying for fewer additional services from influencer marketers, and some have asked for more time to make payments as they deal with economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. 
  • For influencers who rely on brand deals to earn a living, the ambiguity of having a campaign on hold has led some creators to pursue alternative sources of income. 
  • Business Insider spoke to six influencer marketers to learn more about what it means for a campaign to be “paused” and what they think the future looks like for the industry.
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Many brands have postponed influencer-marketing campaigns in recent weeks in an effort to cut costs and avoid appearing insensitive during a public-health crisis. 

For creators, it’s unclear when — and if — these sponsored content opportunities will return. 

“A lot of brands are going on hold and pausing right now,” said JJ Yosh, a travel and outdoors influencer based in Colorado. “Even for the deals that we have in place that have already been secured, many brands don’t want us to post right now because they just feel like it’s insensitive to be promoting things amidst this crisis.” 

Some brands are delaying campaigns so they can make logistical adjustments to influencer work that once required travel or on-site production. Others are pushing